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11/13 – Palm Treo

November 14, 2007

Palm Treo

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11/12 – Gun in holster

November 14, 2007

I didn’t make a drawing on the 12th. So I made two on the 13th. This is the first one.

I was sitting in a restaurant when two policemen came in and sat down. I felt challenged to sketch the black gun on one of their belts. The other one just kept looking at me funny.


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11/11 – Hand with object

November 12, 2007

Drawing Your Hand Holding an Object

hand with object

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11/10 – A favorite mug

November 11, 2007

This mug is part of a set of four mugs that I liked so much I bought them as photography subjects. They are quickly becoming sketch/watercolor props as well. 🙂

Pencil and watercolor


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11/9 – Foot with color

November 9, 2007

Adding color via Photoshop layers to my 11/4/07 post.

color foot

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11/8 – Beach Ball

November 8, 2007

A watercolor from a photograph.


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11/7 – Incomplete Dashboard

November 7, 2007

Started while waiting for a friend in a car. My friend came before I finished it.

incomplete dashboard

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11/6 – Hand on a Ground

November 6, 2007

First I had to “set a ground” which is smearing a graphite stick all over the page and rubbing it down with a paper towel. Then I drew my hand through a picture plane and copied the major parts of that drawing onto the ground. Then I re-posed my hand as I did in the picture plane, but without using the picture plane, and fine-tuned my drawing. I liked the idea to half-close my eyes to see the shadow and light in the image better, it really did work. Lastly, I lightened the areas around my hand that weren’t in shadow to make it pop from the image of my hand.

hand on a ground

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11/5 – Glass with lemon and straw

November 6, 2007

At Norm’s 24-hour restaurant.

Glass with lemon

They have a mini-Sunday. Just the perfect size. It didn’t last long enough for a sketch. 🙂

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11/4 – Crossed foot

November 4, 2007

Was at a conference all day today. The lights were continually dimmed and turned on for presentations of artist’s slide shows. This sketch of my crossed foot took me three lightings to complete.

My crossed foot

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